The Crew

The crew of Enchanted Knights is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. Each of our crew members has extensive knowledge of certain parts of the realm.

Lady Tracee~If you are looking for a specific stone, Lady Tracee is who you should seek. 

Captain John~If you have a question about our vast collection of weapons and armor, Captain John is the man you should seek. 

Lady Renee~If you have a history question, Lady Renee is the one for you.

Sir Bary~If your question is about any of the fossils or minerals we sell, Sir Bary is your man.

Sir Thomas~If you have a question that pertains to the far east, seek Sir Thomas.  

Lady Brook~And last, but certainly not least! If you have a question about mysticism or the like, Lady Brook is who you should seek.‚Äč